Saturday, April 30, 2011

Penang Straits Quay & Food Hunting

30 April 2011 Penang Straits Quay

just got to know about this place, Straits Quay..anyway, still a good place to have a look at the boats and seaside...n romantic dinner too...

could see many grand boats park at the dock there

inside the buildings, there are few grand restaurants..can enjoy the seaside while enjoying your lunch o dinner..

we saw Fruuze..i cant stand the bought the small cup cost Rm9 with 1 scoop, 2 toppings

I just love it

very special and creative western restaurant

it is extremely true that Penang is a food Paradise..we really had a satisfied tummy after having all the famous food that i craved for long...

this is the charcoal char kueh teow at siam road

must wait patiently for this char kueh teow RM 4.20

cendol at Penang Road RM1.80


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