Saturday, April 30, 2011

Penang Straits Quay & Food Hunting

30 April 2011 Penang Straits Quay

just got to know about this place, Straits Quay..anyway, still a good place to have a look at the boats and seaside...n romantic dinner too...

could see many grand boats park at the dock there

inside the buildings, there are few grand restaurants..can enjoy the seaside while enjoying your lunch o dinner..

we saw Fruuze..i cant stand the bought the small cup cost Rm9 with 1 scoop, 2 toppings

I just love it

very special and creative western restaurant

it is extremely true that Penang is a food Paradise..we really had a satisfied tummy after having all the famous food that i craved for long...

this is the charcoal char kueh teow at siam road

must wait patiently for this char kueh teow RM 4.20

cendol at Penang Road RM1.80


i- city

Lights WondeRLanD at i-city


it was school holidays again..long time didn't breath in KL decided to go KL for a short trip, at a same time, transport back all the necessary baby stuffs...

Entrance Fee: Rm10 per car
must bring the car ticket as some other entrance need 2 show d car ticket
then only being allowed to enter for 5 people

visiting MerBok MuZeuM

091010 Merbok and BujanG vAlley

after visited my ex-colleague, Ustazah Bedah, we stopped by Bujang Valley for photo Shooting
anyhow, there were only tombs and stones full of historical stories..

this candi can be found in secondary form 2 sejarah textbook

Tanjung dawai sUnSet dinner

060310 Tanjung Dawai sunset dinner

my dad suggested to go Tanjung Dawai for dinner and watching sunset..a great new experience for me too..looking at the fish boat back from fishing, fishermen needling the fishing net and saw bucket, bucket of small fishes being carried up to the dock..

then, we had our yummy seafood dinner at 水平海鲜档。。



清蒸白鲳, 加哩鲨鱼

yummy, YumMy

Penang Heritage BUilding

theme of NYONYA

06 June 2010

just realised that was no entry for 2011...

siaw hui visted for sure will bring her walk around penang..
brought her to Rumah Peranakan penang or known as Nyonya house

in that place, really could see various types of ancient house utilities, home designs, fashions and so forth. this was the place we took our pre-wedding photo too...just that, that time we had no time to really enjoy the scenery and read the details about each historical items...

special door craving

playing card mahjung

'mi gu' used for praying

ancient kedai ubat (pharmacy)
to keep all the herbs

weighing scale


to grind the medicine into powder

room corner
metal luggage

baju kebaya nyonya

ancient radio

bedroom for ladies

wedding room

wedding gowns

living corner

kitchen corner
ice kacang maker

refrigerator which is still functioning


'wa zang gek'

maid dining corner

praying hall of ancestor

since it was nyonya day trip, so next for sure was enjoying the nyonya traditional food..

we went the famous nyonya restaurant 'Hot Wok' to enjoy traditional nyonya food and the home decoration too..

Asam Fish

mengkuang cha

cencaruk roasted pork

salted vege duck soup

YummY Yummy..
costly too..
4 person around RM160